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Pastor Search Portal

Hello UBC family, what a season this has been! As you know, we are currently in the process of searching out our next Senior Pastor. Prayerfully, we know that God will send us exactly what and whom we need to guide, mentor and lead us forward into Serving God through Serving Humanity.


In October 2022, our Deacon Board took the first steps to finding United’s new Senior Pastor by launching this webpage for interested candidates to submit their information for consideration by a future Pastoral Search Committee (PSC). In December 2022, the PSC was formed and their work began in earnest, shortly after the start of the 2023 new year. All candidates must submit a formal application, as well as other documentation as outlined in the job description found below, in order to be considered for the position of Senior Pastor of United Baptist Church. Below you will find more information about the vetting process which will be utilized by the PSC. In addition, you will learn about the vital role of the congregation in our search for a Senior Pastor.

The PSC is composed of: Sister Whitney Johnson (Chair), Sister Tinki Robinson (Co-Chair), Sister Tracey Stills, Brother Marvin Peoples, Sister Melody Williams, Sister Tammy Bates, Deacon Joe Laws, Deacon James Dixon and Trustee Dottie Johnson. Sister Dawn Williams has graciously agreed to serve as alternate in the event that one of the aforementioned committee members is unable to fulfill their duties.


The mission of United Baptist Church’s Pastoral Search Committee (PSC), under the direction of the Holy Spirit, is to prayerfully and strategically recommend discipleship-minded and gospel-led Senior Pastor candidates who will carry out United’s purpose to Serve God through Serving Humanity and follow Christ’s mandate to inspire ALL people to live their lives for Christ.

Candidate Submissions: Closed on April 7, 2023

STAGE 1: Identifying Candidates

PSC will begin advertising the Pastor position through appropriate channels, such as Progressive National Baptist Convention, Union Baptist District Association, various local and regional seminaries, job boards, and other networks.

Begin sourcing, screening and building a profile for all candidates. This will involve reviewing candidate submissions, listening to multiple sermon recordings, reviewing social media accounts, viewing church websites, and exploring available information such as podcasts, or books written by the candidates.

STAGE 2: Determine the Final State of Candidates
The PSC will determine which of the candidates it wants to consider further.

The next step for the PSC will be to conduct an introductory virtual interview with each candidate. We anticipate this will reduce the candidate pool further.

The PSC will continue to conduct research on candidates to further reduce candidate pool. A second, more in-depth virtual interview will be conducted for the remaining candidates. A small group will visit the candidates’ communities as well as attend worship service in their home churches, if possible.

Semi-finalists will participate in broader interviews with members of the leadership of the church. They will also have a chance to present to and meet with the UBC congregation. The PSC will solicit feedback from the congregation following each presentation to help narrow the candidate pool to our finalists.
STAGE 3: Final Recommendations
Finalists (and their families) will be given a chance to interact informally with the UBC congregation at large and participate in an additional interview with the PSC and church leadership.

Following the interview, the PSC will recommend which candidates to bring before the congregation for a vote.
STAGE 4: Member Participation
Finalists will present to the UBC congregation one final time. Before voting, the church members will have an opportunity to again meet with the final candidates to hear their vision and proposed plan for the church, as well as ask any questions they might still have.

After meeting with the final candidates, the church members will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the PSC about the candidates presented in a method to be determined.

The PSC will present the final candidates, under consideration, for a vote by the church membership. An affirmative vote, of an amount to be determined, by members present and in good standing, is necessary for the candidate to be selected as Pastor.

For questions or comments please send us an email: [email protected]